viernes, 27 de enero de 2012


There is no better way to start a blog than posting about the setting up, last Friday January 27, of a new Association of expert lawyers in ICT Law (ENATIC).

The event took place on the assembly hall of the General Counsel of the Spanish Advocacy (CGAE), and was opened by the CGAE Vicepresident, Mr. Pere Huguet, with the presence of a great number of lawyers, that to a greater or lesser extent, devote their professional activity to aspects related to the Information and Communications Technologies Law.

There was a great atmosphere, thanks to the fact that the association has put together a lot of colleagues that share common concerns regarding Digital Law. This relaxed environment, however, did not make the event less relevant as we have committed ourselves to bring together, in an organism such as Enatic, the interests of a sector of the advocacy that, in short time, and despite the difficulties found, is becoming essential in the country’s corporate and commercial industry.

In fact, the fast development of new technologies, its quick acceptance by society, along with the emergence of a new generation of youngsters – the digital natives-, requires lawyers to adapt their knowledge and daily practice to a new scenario, where technology is essential. This new reality not only demands a deep knowledge of the media from the advocacy, but also a bigger understanding of technologies themselves.

The challenge is clear: to respond to the needs that will appear from the digitalization of Law, place we are inevitably going to as a consequence of the digitalization of Society.

In this sense, Enatic can and must be the platform where the efforts of digital advocacy to adapt to this new scenario are developed, and from where law professionals can give satisfaction to these new challenges.

From this, my first post, I want to congratulate the entire advocacy in general for the achievement of this milestone. Also, I only have words of gratitude for all the colleagues who made it possible. And, lastly, I want to give words of encouragement to all of its members, in order to give this new association the most fruitful of lives.

Finally, I wish to point out that the most important and revolutionary social networks like to boast of being born in a garage. Then, why won’t Enatic succeed if it was created in a small room of the Cadiz Convention Centre?

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  1. Quisiera agradecer los amables comentarios que algunos ilustres compañeros me han brindado en relación a este post.

    Especial mención a Rodrigo Cetina por su ayuda en lograr una traducción rigurosa del post original.

    Gracias a todos.